Sunday, December 07, 2003

The Sensitive Guys’ Guide to Mayhem and Death

A feature on The Missing and The Last Samurai: “These are brutal films from directors so well-known for depicting sensitive men that they are virtually symbols of the boomer generation and its 60’s idealism. In their new movies, the characters’ code of honor—violence in the cause of inner peace—suggests the fraught ethos of that generation today. The heroes embrace alien 19th-century cultures, but despite those period settings, the films express our current cultural moment, mixing the new-age sentiments of the last few decades with the brutal realities of the last few years.” (Caryn James, “The Sensitive Guys’ Guide to Mayhem and Death,” New York Times, 7 Dec 2003. Free registration probably required.) Does this mean some Boomers may finally be growing up? I guess we can hope—it’s only taken 50 years.

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