Tuesday, May 13, 2003

The Unreal Thing

Some thoughtful points plus a review of Reloaded. People have mentioned Gnosticism, but has anybody specifially mentioned the Cathars yet? “The Cathars, like the heroes of ‘The Matrix,’ had an especially handy rationale for violence: if it ain’t real, it can’t really bleed.” In the Matrix, then, “the action has the safety of play and the excitement of the apocalyptic.” And thus, “The Matrix is where all violent fanatics insist that they are living, even when they are not.” (Adam Gopnik. “The Unreal Thing: What’s wrong with the Matrix?”, The New Yorker, Issue of 2003-05-19, Posted 2003-05-12)

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Actually, the Cathars WERE Gnostics. See Theodore Roszak’s excellent book, “Flicker,” for more info.

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“It would have been nice if some of that complexity, or any complexity, had made its way into the sequel. But—to get to the bad news—“Matrix Reloaded” is, unlike the first film, a conventional comic-book movie, in places a campy conventional comic-book movie, and in places a ludicrously campy conventional comic-book movie.”

Wow - this is probably the most ludicrous quote I’ve ever seen in a movie review. To say this movie lacks any complexity is to say the sun is cold. Conventional comic book movie? Yes, most conventional action films tackle the topics of casuality, determinism, faith and human nautre. What a typical review from someone who probably only saw the first movie and liked it after it got raves from other “intellectuals.”

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