Tuesday, January 06, 2004
The Last Samurai

The Last Samurai

Americans Anonymous

Tom Cruise follows the Twelve Step path to freedom from alcohol—and Western Civ.



Dear Mr. McDonald,

I’m a noob in everything that has got to do about film analysis, but as an officer-cadet I’m interested in ‘war’ movies. I’ve read pieces about Aristotle’s three act play, about roman / medieval five act play and contemporary screenwriting / narrative structure. I’m comparing Ran’s narrative structure with that of The Last Samurai. Can you tell me more about why The Last Samurai is not a three act play? Can’t it be a three act play AND follow the 12 steps you describe? I’m getting lost since I read almost all big producers want a three act play nowadays.

I hope you can help me out.

Yours sincerely,

oc Wouter (draftertrain@hotmail.com)

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