Friday, November 07, 2003
Matrix Revolutions -- Talk about your bait and switch ad campaign

The Matrix Revolutions

Entertainment Marketing 101

It’s not a story. It’s not a philosophy. It’s a global marketing experiment that’s all about control. And George Orwell saw it coming.



okay, and don’t worry… anything YOU say is okay to me.. it doesn’t matter.  You have a good heart…

I’ll haven’t gotten to the crazy thing yet…

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Thanks much.  Looking forward to the craziness.

Good God, after the story so far…it must really be crazy.


Posted by Jim Rovira on 20 Nov 03 at 03:08 PM

I typed a lot and lost it.. I deviated from the plot though..but it told me I can’t have more then 2500 characters…and when I pressed ‘back’ it all was gone.. so maybe it wasn’t for you to know what I was saying…..cause I did go way off the subject… I’ll stick to the story.. check back.

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I’m at home now so I can finish….

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Where did I leave off?  Okay, I thought I was going to die.  And then that’s when all the strange things began.  And I can see it now as if it’s happening over again. 

Where I deviated last time was going back to my childhod to share w/ you my experiences with religion…. so I could explain why this next thing happened.  In a nutshell, I’ve been through a lot of churches in my childhood.  And from an very very young age…around 5…. I was very interested in Jesus.. God.. Heaven ..Hell… all that stuff.  I have vivid childhood memories…. mostly very painful… like when I was around 3 I fell…and I hit my bottom lip on the corner of my mom’s bedframe…and split it almost in half… she took me to the hospital…and I was too young to get anything at all for the pain… nothing whatsoever… so they had to put me in a cucoon where only my head was showing….and so I would keep still… and sewed my lip up…..
I have vivid memories of ‘religious’ experiences when I was young also…anyway….

I felt there was a 100% chance I would die soon.  I told God “okay if you want to take me now… it’s okay, it’s up to you.  i don’t need to be here anyway. ”  I figured that because I didn’t think anything was here for me.  I hated school (but nobody understood cause I was smart).. I didn’t graduate college…(and that’s SUCH a big deal, so I’m guranteed not to be successful)... I was good in the streets but its so dangerous…. I don’t have any other choice.. so I was happy.. that I had no choice but to die…cause I couldn’t see a reason to live. (keep in mind that I don’t really care about people in this situation because they’re not going to take care of me in this world.. I’m really on my own.. I don’t really come from my family… it’s just who I came through)

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okay.  So.  Here’s where the impossible element became a reality in my former ‘reality’.  First, the death threats stopped.  The threat of death stoped also.  When I embraced death… death left for some reason.  I had a ‘love’ for death in that moment.  Death wasn’t a masked man with a hood, and with a hook, or (what’s that thing death has in his hand?)... that knife or whatever..(some reason that word ... it’s left my head).. cleaver?  anyway… Death was an attractive woman… and she loved me!..  it made me happy to think about…
AND at that point.. she got scared away.  Because she wanted to scare me…...and (really she said…hehehe he thinks that’s as scary as I can be… I’ll come back, she went to get backup…)
So, for where I’m from… the threat of death stopping like that…. it’s impossible.  As a matter of fact… I haven’t even seen them since that day.  And I have the same friends as many of them.  They can get me anytime.  But it stoped.  AND, remember, this isn’t just one set of guys.. these are different groups…. they don’t know each other… they couldn’t plan something….and there were individuals… I went to their neighborhood..and hung around…and… well.. it’s gone now… (now they couldn’t do anything if they tried anyway… they wouldn’t even think about it, none of them)... okay, so that was impossible. 

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So, that was very strange to me.  So… then I felt ‘happy’... I felt like since I talked to ‘God’ (this is the difficult part because I don’t want to brainwash you by using that word.  Because it’ll make you think the wrong things.  Please, whatever you do, don’t try to interpret anything I say, or put two-and-together, cause it doesn’t…..and me saying God with out quotations will cause you to think one thing.. and me putting ‘God’ will cause you to think another.  It’s neither so don’t even think about it) I had been given a second chance… so I was like God I’m going to follow your ‘word’...(remember what I said! ) okay, and I was serious.  Not serious like you see people in church… or anyone who tries… but serious like yes, there’s no reason I can’t be perfect if I’ve gotten a second chance.. theres no reason at all ... I can’t control my thoughts.. but my actions would be according to the book.  I analyzed every aspect of my life.. and even down to sex I was convinced that it wouldn’t bother me not to do any of the 10 commandments.. EVER!  And there it was.  Everybody around me looked guilty.  All I saw everywhere around me was guilty…. everywhere… guilty. everyword.. guilty.. guilty… I couldn’t understand why people could put all the bad stuff out their lives…. but there was one problem…what about the things that people think are bad.. but aren’t mentioned in the Bible!  !?!?!?!?! What do I do?  Like smoking weed.  I liked it.  It helped me.. it was natural.. I didn’t abuse it… but I helped w/stress… and things were funnier…lol.. you know… it made life ‘livable’.. I was ready to give it all up though.. but it wasn’t part of the 10 commandments…. everybody in the church says.. God doesn’t like drugs….. and alcohol (even though ‘Jesus’ turned water into wine)

okay…. I just realized that this is a very long story actually…because I’m still, well if it was a movie it’d be the first 20 min or less.. (well if it were a movie…. I could’ve easily made the first part into a movie(just gave all the details)... before I even left college actually… and then when I left college to this point could be a whole movie also…)

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So, I don’t know.. do I want to give you the ‘to the point’ version… or stick with this pace…. it’s up to you…BUT, let me tell you the details are what will make you believe it..(but since this is an true story you don’t have a choice but to believe it anyway…. unless you think I’m lying in which case… I wouldn’t blame you)

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It’s like the red pill…
or blue pill.. you know. LOL

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Don’t need any more details than the ones you already want to share, thanks.  I believe your story. 

You seem pretty worried about what I’m going to think you mean by “God,” so maybe you could tell me what you mean?

I think all of us, at different times in our lives, experience God in some way.  If there are some who really don’t, then I believe they’re the exception rather than the rule.

But all our experiences need to be “interpreted,” you know?  Even very simple ones, like having a conversation with someone.  If we have known the person for a long time, it’s usually easy to interpret the conversation.  We have a long background, a lot of experience.  If we just meet a person, though, for the first time, it’s easier to misinterpret the signals.  Think about being on a first date with someone :).

I think our experiences of God are like that too.  We have them and they’re important and legitimate, but it takes us awhile and some experience to be able to interpret them.  I think our religious texts are the product of people who have had a lot of experiences and a lot of time to understand them, and they can be helpful in helping us understand our own experiences.

It’s like getting to know the ocean.  We can experience the ocean by going to the beach.  But if we want to go anywhere across the ocean, we’ll need some kind of guide—a navigational chart, a way of studying the stars, a GPS system….something.  Just walking on the beach won’t teach us how to sail to Hawaii, even though we’ve experienced the ocean.

Religious texts are like that navigational chart.  They teach us about our experiences and help us understand them.

I think God just wants you to know that He’s real and that He loves you. 


Posted by Jim Rovira on 21 Nov 03 at 10:49 AM

That’s disrespectful of you Jim.  I can’t debate that issue with you at this time.  Like I said… I KNOW… you are a ‘spiritual’ person.. and I KNOW you have an opinion in your heart. But with you saying that.  I hope you know what love really is.  Because you worship and idea.. or a word.  You do not love your ‘creator’ more then anything in this world even yourself.  You’d leave your wife… (your kids if you a have any).. all your money… and your life… if you had real ‘love’.. but you can’t do that.  You have not an ounce of faith.  Not in ‘him/them/her/me/he/she’ you don’t even know what ‘it’ is.  You have no clue.  And you don’t have time to search for it.  Because of your ‘daily’ life.  This thing you call life that you’ve made number 1.  You worship life.  And death (pain is death’s cousin) jealous.  And Death… overcomes life in the end.. but Death and Life are the same.  You’ve had life.. You’ve held on to your life…and your humanity… and your sanity…

You talk to me.. when you show your ‘God’...that you’ll give your life to him..and everything in it.. and then talk to me when he’s gotten you committed into a mental hospital…. and procedes to take everything in your life away.  Person by person.  Mother, brother, sister, father, my fiance, my job, my money, car, clothes, sanity, health, dignity, friends….. what are you going to do at that point… will you have a smile on your face… or will it take more to make you happy? 

I cannot finish my story now, because you have messed it up.  You know how it goes.  You never know how a movie will end the first time you see it…. remember memento.. or sixth sense.. you didn’t see that ending coming did you? 

I asked you not to give your opinion for a reason.  And the reason is.  That is not a subject I’m willing to debate.  And you have officially hurt my feelings by disrespecting my wishes.. because I really wanted to tell you the other 60% of the story. 

We can talk about movies from now one… but if you really would like to hear my story… you’d have to hear it from me in person.  Cause since you’ve made your point.. I’d have to tell you (and show you) the BIG picture about me… and why you don’t see me comming….

do you lust for God?

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 21 Nov 03 at 11:20 AM

I think you really misunderstood me, Havoc…very sorry about that.  I wasn’t trying to argue with you or anything you said—how can you argue with a story?  Just wanted to point and say…look at this too. 

I may have had experiences similar to yours.  You don’t really know me either.

Thanks for sharing your story, and if you decide later that you want to tell more of it, I’m willing to listen.  You can e-mail me too.


Posted by Jim Rovira on 21 Nov 03 at 11:27 AM

Well, I’m glad you’ve made me feel a little better since I was so excited about finally telling someone the whole story.  But now I can’t.  Principalities!.. exciting huh?  Don’t appologize.  Alwayz follow your heart.  And GO GET what you feel is most important (that which matters most)... but if you want to get it… (like the matrix).. there will be a seraph standing in your way.. ready and willing to take you to it…(but you gotta fight for it… remember, yeah you do)  And the seraph can bring hell straight to your door like a magazine subscription….

Well, I won’t leave you hanging.. (we can still chat….email)..but lets try and avoid any talk of me personally, or my past, my future, or my present… we can just talk about movies….. (hey I loved your site, maybe… well I don’t know what you do for a living… but if you have something you could share w/ me about the entertainment business… or any opportunity.. I’d love to talk about it….).....

But I’ll talk about religion for one second.  And this’ll be it.  Think about Saul (b4 he was Paul)... Saul was Christianities biggest threat at that time…. he was a spiritual warrior.. for the ‘other side’.... Guess who notice that he would be much better for ‘his’ side?  He took the neccessary actions…. and converted him… instantly…

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 21 Nov 03 at 12:12 PM

Are you waiting for someone to return… and be the light upon your path… you want some ‘help’.... you need ‘saving’ again?!  didn’t that happen once?  Well, I think someone already tried to be a nice guy, and look where that got him… AND, there’s this ‘image’ that hangs on crosses all over the place…. the savior… you know the picture you get in your head when I say ‘Jesus’... what do you see? 

You see ‘mr. nice guy’... you think he actually wanted to be crucified?  Maybe it was punishment for deception.  But, he loved every minute of it… ‘not you’... and I wouldn’t call it saving…. well maybe… I would call it a ‘delay’.  Maybe he brought some more time for the soul… maybe he gave your souls some more time to ‘get right’.....or ‘get wrong’.... he did what he did..and the world is what it is today because of that…

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when you look at a rainbow, understand and celebrate the fact that it will not happen again!..... Oh no, ... maybe you should believe the boy who cries wolf… even if it doesn’t come.. believe him the next time..and the next…
There are much worse deaths out there then someone flooding the earth w/ water… oh….what a catastrophy.  I would gladly let water fill my lungs to death for the punishment of my sins… what a gift that would be…. or would you rather be placed in an oven?  Do you believe that ‘god’ give two cents about your flesh?  Any flesh?  He loves you… but not ‘you’.. he love’s the you inside of ‘you’... he wants you soul..and your flesh is holding it hostage…either you can bring your soul to him…. or he’ll have to take it…. and you’ll lose it by force anyway.  And you sanity.. and you idea of what ‘pain’ is will fly out the window. 
Do you believe there are worse things then physical torture?  What’s your fear?  Pain?  Loss?  Failure?  What’s worse for your flesh?  What’s the worse thing you could go through?  Now multiply that times infinaty… and then make your choice…
hey.. don’t ask me anything sir.  Please.  You just worry about yourself… and don’t worry about your family (oh.. that’s the hard part)  Your wife…son.. daughter.. your all on the same page.. you’ve all had previous lives… so right now… your a victim of circumstance.. believe it or not.. have faith that they’ll be okay.  BUT, I’m in no means telling you what you should do, think… I’m just speaking…. to the air… to the earth… I don’t even know if you’ll read this…but.. it’s already too late for you.  ‘God’ does love you.  I belive that you’ve sparked his interest… and…you just had to go the with me… which reminds me of something I would’ve done anyway back in the day…(a person couldn’t bring up ‘god’ without me starting a convo about it) if you truley know God loves you.. then she’ll stop at nothing to get you… that’s love…(she’s a crazy lover).. she’ll come get you.  And she’ll stop if you wish.  I think it’ll be your choice…. you’ll have to choose life or death maybe….either way it goes…I’ll just tell you.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 21 Nov 03 at 12:13 PM

To take that path…. would be to embrace insanity, because you will no longer be ‘sane’ in the eyes of the world.. do you want to affiliate w/ the world anyway? Maybe you should ‘take the path less traveled’...DAMN you JIM…. you’ve done it again.  I don’t even want to send this to you.  But you’ve compeled me, Don’t judge me Jim.  I wouln’t want to do that to you.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 21 Nov 03 at 12:13 PM

OH.. I forgot…. I wan’t to take you back to what ‘Jesus’ is today.. that image that poped in your head.. That IS ‘jeus’.. you know.  That’s the image man created.. so that’s what he’ll be!  Or.. that’s what he was.  He’s dead.. who gives a fuck about the flesh anyway?  That’s important to you.  Hey.. what type of image you thing he would come back as?  A weak one?  I hope not.  I hope he comes back as someone scary.  That nobody will mess with.. Maybe a gangster… a linebacker/gangster/psycho… who is right!.. That’s a movie!

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 21 Nov 03 at 12:25 PM

Thanks much for your honesty.  Not going to judge you—I think what you believe and feel right now is a pretty natural consequence of everything you’ve been through.  Using lines from the matrix, it’s the sum of the equation with your variables filled in. 

I think we’re all pursued by God in the ways that we can handle.  Saul could handle the vision.  I don’t think I can.  But I was pursued other ways.  You’re being pursued other ways.  Those people who made death threats to you are being pursued other ways.  The only person not being pursued is death, who’s going to be left standing hat in hand on the other side of eternity.

What particularly interest you in the entertainment field?  E-mail me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 


Posted by Jim Rovira on 21 Nov 03 at 12:56 PM

I wish this article had actually tried to understand the movie, that was what made the feature here on Reloaded so cool.  Instead I get yet another bad review disguised as some kind of deep theory about marketing.  When you get right down to it, you have free choice and all the movie can take from you is $7.50.  So why not have fun and think about it rather than being incoherent and pessimistic like all the other reviewers?

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