Monday, March 12, 2001
Buzz Lightyear

Toy Story

Beyond Buzz Lightyear

The spiritual delusion of Buzz Lightyear.



Lovely analysis, except for one thing - the TV cartoon show of Buzz Lightyear shows that Buzz “really is” a Space Ranger - in one universe at least… this leads to a possible further interpretation of the dualistic/Gnostic nature of reality (or reality as TV as in Videodrome - the TV self of Buzz, seen in both movies, being more real than his “real” self). Or is it, like Star Wars, really just about dick? Woody (!) and Buzz (a mass-produced vibrator with all sorts of attachments) of course battle over the girl in Toy Story 2, with Woody’s natural (that wood pun again) and rare quality lusted after by a very dodgy old man.
Perhaps we should consider the root (pun not intended) of the Toy Stories as sealed within Buzz’s catch phrase/koan “To Infinity - and Beyond!!”

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