Wednesday, March 09, 2005
Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2

A Tale of Two Cities

A playful Augustinian meditation on the true nature of love and identity

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Love it!

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WAIT JUST A SECOND. Let me clear a few things up: I strongly disagree the concept that Stinky Pete is “the real serpent” and that he has a demonic character. (That is SO unfair.) Pete was nicknamed “Stinky” Pete because in the TV show, he only took a bath once a month. I never saw Pete as a villain, I saw him as an anti-hero who was, and still is, struggling toward the path to redemption. If you remember, Woody wasn’t that kind to Buzz until their troubles in Sid’s house forced them to set aside their differences. In Toy Story 2, Pete treats Buzz in a manner reminiscent of Woody in Toy Story 1, but Woody’s anger toward Pete for punching Buzz blinds him from seeing that he [Woody] has reverted back to being the sardonic character that used to be! Pete’s usefulness as a character is that he exposes the flaws in Woody’s character. Now, I may be the only one that thinks that, but it’s true. In fact PIXAR has inadvertently succeeded in transferring my alliegience to Stinky Pete. Woody made his big statement: “Who am I, to break up the Roundup Gang?” and yet, that EXACTLY what he does. Stinky Pete has all the qualities of an anti-hero, much like Severus Snape in J.K. Rowling’s wonderful Harry Potter series. Even though the filmmakers and most Toy Story fans apparently see Stinky Pete as a villain, I read much more into Pete’s character to the point where I, myself, wrote a very detailed story in which the Roundup Gang gets back together.

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