Friday, August 20, 2004

Two Good Questions

So now there’s a conservative-friendly film festival. Consider these two good questions. The producers of American Film Renaissance ask: “Where is the product for just regular Americans? A huge segment of the country is alienated by the entertainment industry (that) doesn’t understand half the country, and probably more. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be making films like Frida. Who cares about that?” And the reporter from the St. Petersburg Times—in an excellent piece of reporting—asks the question that’s on my mind: “Then again, who cares to see a movie (or two) raking Fahrenheit 9/11 director Michael Moore over the coals or a documentary praising President Bush’s religious faith? Who wants to see an exposé of liberalism on Ivy League campuses or a film linking gun control with 20th century tyranny?” I’m not sure their festival is the appropriate response to their question. I’m sorry: propaganda is boring no matter what the cause. If you really want to respond to the first question, the Anschutz approach is probably a better strategy.

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