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Wiley floats off in Waking Life

Waking Life

On the Brink of Falling Skyward

Is life a dream? With optimistic pessimism and pessimistic optimism, Linklater’s characters talk out the unbearable lightness of being.



I recently went to Brazil, my first time out of America.  During this trip, I discovered that I had dreamt the entire trip over the course of about five years.  I thought I was losing my mind, or that maybe crossing the equator had done something weird to my brain.  It was a sensory overload internally and externally, but still pretty cool.  The film, “Waking Life” has shown me that there are others out there who have experienced this phenomenon.  I have been looking for you in my dreams and waking life.  I would like to discuss this.  Waiting for your response. 

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Hi, I would like to hear about your experience a bit further.  SOunds very interesting.  You know, sometimes I feel the same way.  I don’t have a way to put my finger on it per say but I know I have dreamt alot of my experiences.  The other day I had a deja vu, some would call it that, but this one was different.  As I realized I had been through the experience before, I was also able to see into the fure, like a premonition.  In this premonition, I could see what was supposed to be happening at that moment (which was something bad).  Now my question is, why didn’t this bad thing happened?  It really felt like as I had lived or dreamt about that specific situation before and I was able to avoid it and chnage my life’s course.  Sometimes I have deja vu, but this was different, it was a view into a future that was meant to be but somehow avoided.  I actually felt thankful I was able to avoid the situation.  I also have had a few dreams about a certain place, it feels like a place that I will see soon.  The plcae is still very vividly in my head.  One is at night, it reminds me of lets say spain, italy, or france and the streets are well lit and there are old brick style pavement on the ground.  I am just walking the streets in that dream.  The second dream, I am in the backyard of a house, a new house, in a hot place.  The backyard of this house is full of tiny rocks like a construction sight and not grass or anything.  Maybe you have found what you are looking for?  I would like to hear about your experience.  Thank You for sharing.

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Hello J.
I would like to discuss this with you further. That was a long time ago I made that comment! I was searching all over the net for someone who may have had the same type of experience. I have not forgotten the experience though, in fact I was thinking of doing a video series and adding it to my YouTube account. There I will be able to explain in full detail my experiences in Brasil and even before Brasil.

Most of all, it helps to know that others also experience this same type of thing and that I am not CRAZY. I think people like us are just more intune with their bodies and minds or maybe it’s that we pay more attention to our surroundings, both inner and outer. Perhaps we are just uber-sensitive.

Please visit me on Youtube and subscribe to my videos. I think you will enjoy the series I am about to begin sometime in August 2008.

I also want to know more detail of your experiences. Yes, most definitely I think we can change what was supposed to happen, just by knowing or seeing the future.

~WorldPeace & Love~

Posted by Kim on 27 Jul 08 at 11:11 AM

Hi, the reason I came across your message on here was because I had just finished watching the film Waking Life.  You know, ever since I saw this movie’s trailer I have felt like I needed to watch it but I never did.  I actually rented once and I never watched it.  Finally I read a description of the movie and I knew I had to watch it.  It said something about a dream where the character was floating.  I have actually had this dream also.  So basically this movie then took me to this site and I read your interesting comment.  I will subscribe to your youtube account also.  I just watched you Chinese food ordeal, very funny and interesting also.  Sometimes this happens to me and then I actually find the item again and I realize I just can’t recreate the feeling of eating the food the first time.  About my dream, I remember the two places very vividly and I always feel like I will find them one day.  I have no idea why I feel the need to find these places, but I do for some reason.  The other experienceI talked about felt like a deja Vu but more like a premonition.  I was sitting in my house and suddenly I get what I think is a deja vu but then I start seeing the future moments in my head.  I see that bad news was coming my way in the form of a phone call.  I actually sat there waiting for the phone to ring and hear the bad news.  It never happened but I could see it so clearly in the premonition.  I am so glad I never had to answer this phone call that day because it felt so bad in the premonition.  I don’t know what happened or what I did to change this outcome but I am greatful.  I have had these before but I remember this one because it happened just last week and I avoided something this time.  Sometimes when these premonitions happen, I can actually see what is supposed to be happening and compare it to what is happening in real time.  Very strange.  When will you begin your story about you experience on Brazil.  What a great place I suppose to have a great experience, Brazil.  I didn’t notice you had written this 3 years ago, I bet you remember it like yesterday.  What was your experience?  Has something happened again after the trip?  I got your email also, I wanted to repond here to record this conversation.  If you want to respond in email better, it is great also.  Thank You.

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Hello J. I have accidentally pushed the “don’t notify me button”, so I won’t be able to see when you have posted a message here in the future. Unless you know how to contact someone at the website and undo what I did. Ha!

I also went to watch the film “Waking Life” because I thought it would give me answers to what I was experiencing. It is to this day, one of my favorite films and I could watch it again and again. It seems each time I do, I see and hear something that I had not heard previously.

Some time in August I will be posting the first video in my series about my trip to Brasil and the dreams that happened during a five year span previous to the trip. It’s much too much to tell you about in a message or even an email. That’s why I suggested you watch the videos. Then, if you have questions we can talk through comments or emails or messages. Maybe your questions will give me ideas for a follow up video. Maybe my experiences will help you to understand yours. I don’t know. I just think we can both learn from one another.

There is just so much to tell. I want to be sure I add all the details so I am reading the journal I kept while in Brasil and taking notes to help me along in my videos. Also, I have tons of photos to sort through. I would like to add the visuals to my videos as well.

I do not know how long it will take me to sort through these items and re-write what I want to say publically. All I can tell you is I hope to have the first video up sometime in August. I will let you know more as I get further along in the project.

Oh, now that I have reached the end of my messge and am getting ready to send, I see I can check the notification box again. So, maybe I will be notified after all.

~WorldPeace & Love~

Posted by Kim on 28 Jul 08 at 10:01 AM

Hi, I subscribed to your youtube account, I am watching your videos also.  Oh just wanted to give you my full name, it is Jamil Ouendo.  I don’t like to use it because for some reason, I never had a connection to my given name.  I am watching some of your videos and something came to my mind as a collective.  I was thinking how these videos are like journal entries.  I just get the feeling that there is something to be gained by having journals.  I never thought about video journals.  Has it changed your life having these videos?  I am becoming interested in video as a whole myself.  Wondering what inspired you to make and also distribute your videos?  It seems to me that you are an outgoing person art wise.  What are the benefits of your art?  Is it something you need to do?  Like to do? or fight yourself to do?  I think if I start a journal of some kind, I will be able to trace my future events.  Thank You, Jamil.

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Yes Jamil. I think of my videos as a modern-day journal. YouTube has changed my life in many ways. One is that I have met many, many wonderful and valuable people in my journey through video. Another is that I have learned so much about myself from my videos and about the human condition by watching other’s videos. I laugh, cry, learn and love through video. Of course I do the same in 3D world, it’s just nice to have another outlet of friends. I say, the more the merrier. 

I wish the world would have had Youube while my parents were still alive. I would have loved being able to see and hear my mother speak to me today. I would have watched her videos over a thousand times. She had so much wisdom, it would have been wonderful to have it in a time vault, and such is YouTube. So, I think of YouTube as a time vault, in one way a person may “live forever”. My children will have access to these videos long after I am gone, and I think it will be a comfort to them in later years. So, I also post things such as recipes I know they will want and are too busy with their lives to learn how to cook right now. Ha!

Yes, Jamil. My YouTube channel is a living journal. I love technology for this reason. =D

I really like your name, but I have never felt a connection with my given name either. Isn’t that strange?

What is your name on YouTube so that I may know who you are?

~WorldPeace & Love~

Posted by Kim on 29 Jul 08 at 08:53 AM
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