Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Why Buffy Kicked Ass

In an article on “the deep meaning of TV’s favorite vampire slayer,” Virginia Postrel gives an interesting interpretation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and a riff on the real morality of modern America. Whether you think this morality is good or not (and there’s something here to discomfit all comers), it does seem to have a certain ring of truth. Explains 9/11 responses, too. “Buffy assumes and enacts the consensus moral understanding of contemporary American culture, the moral understanding that the wise men ignored or forgot. This understanding depends on no particular religious tradition. It’s informed not by revelation but by experience. It is inclusive and humane, without denying distinctions or the tough facts of life. There are lots of jokes in Buffy—humor itself is a moral imperative—but no psychobabble and no excuses” (Reason Magazine, Aug/Sep 2003). And yes, it’s serial TV, an arguably different genre than film, but it’s still filmed media, so I’m posting it.

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