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X-MenSuperman Returns

X-Men vs. Superman

Mutation, Eugenics, and the Politics of Evolution

On the surface, both the X-Men and Superman films push a message of hope over fear, but what deeper instinctive fear could there be than that of being genetically supplanted?

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Great essay!!

You know what bugs me about The X-Men? Next to all who have misgivings about mutants or so- called homo superiors, whether it be private citizens like the family of Bobby Drake, in X-Men 2: Mutants United or the government or groups like The Friends of Humanity, anyone who doesn’t drink Professor Charles Xavier’s cool-aid, is just said to be ignorant, afraid, racist, prejudiced, jealous or misguided.. It kind of reminds me of how those in the Hip-Hop Community or just fans of the lingo, tend to call those who (negatively) critique them: “Haters” i sometimes think that they just call them ‘Haters’ b/c its alot easier to do that then to take a step back and consider the viewpoint and opinion of one who speaks openly about your conduct…

For i see good reason for normal humans to not welcome super powered beings with ‘No Reservations’ ... It has been said that, ” The only thing dependable about the future is uncertainty.” The Titan Gods were the precursors to The Olympian Gods, Man is what predates Mutants and as messed up as The Muggleworld may be.At least it is a world rich with a certain degree of certainty…

For example, when someone is searched for weapons, we know that an unarmed human poses a much lower threat, handcuffs can bind him or her and a jail or prison cell can hold them… but mutants in some ways are the antithesis of mankind.Some of their number don’t need a semi-automatic rifle in order to go on a killing spree! What jail or prison can hold someone like Nightcrawler?! What manner of conventional weapon can do harm to someone like Colossus or Wolverine for that matter?! In other words… Homo Sapiens want their ‘EFFING’ world back! And i can’t really blame them ( to some extent)

Oh and let’s not leave out how socially perverse and unjust the X-Gene is!! If i were a mutant as powerful as Jean Grey AKA The Phoenix.I would think it an outrage that here i am with all this power, while some other mutants are just really hairy or some such nonsense :P I mean… What’s up with that?! I came from a man and woman just the same as everyone else… I didn’t discover some ‘Secret Knowledge’ ... I didn’t undergo any ‘Special Training’... I have done NOTHING out of the ordinary, WHATSOEVER… So why should i be so much more blessed than anyone else?!

What is this? Karma or something? Are you kidding me?

Mad eh?!

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